Project Title: Mine Slope Management and Monitoring System

Project Title:  Mine Slope Management and Monitoring System

File Number: CRG/2020/005919

Project Cost: 39,77,400

Start Date: 31-Dec-2020

Status: Ongoing

PI Details

  1. Name: Dr. Radhakanta Koner
  2. Institute Name: Indian Institute of Technology (ISM), Dhanbad
  3. Institute Address: Sardar Patel Nagar, Dhanbad, JH
  4. Email:
  6. Department: Mining Engineering

Project Summary:

Capital intensive large earthmoving machinery is operating in and around the highwall rock slope in opencast projects. Failure in highwall slope causes catastrophe to man and machine. So, safety in highwall slope is very much essential in opencast mine. To understand the highwall slope needs better knowledge of the rock mass geology and failure types of the particular rock mass. Regular monitoring of the highwall slope is very much required. The Integration of the data acquisition system, processing and numerical simulation would facilitate development of a seamless slope management technique. Recent development in surveying techniques, slope monitoring system and numerical simulation has improved the understanding of rock slope significantly over the last decades. Notwithstanding, challenges still remain in the application of these methods, and rock slope failure has imposed significant economic, social and environmental threat to mining. The influence of brittle rock damage, failure surface geometry, kinematics, dilation and intact rock bridges on the failure of rock slope has remain poorly understood. A rigorous study is necessary to address the importance of these parameters on the failure mechanisms of highwall rock slope. Sophisticated numerical modelling approaches may be utilized to investigate the effect of these parameters on slope failure and their inter-relationships. Drone imaging may be used to construct true slope geometry and subsequently integration with the numerical simulations.

 Drone and laser scanning data provide x, y, z point clouds of the slope surface are used to build true 3D slope geometry. This method allows coverage of a wide area of opencast mine remotely. The remote sensing data also provide key geotechnical information such as discontinuity orientation, length and location of each joint set. The volume of data is significantly large both in terms of magnitude and areal extent compared to traditional geotechnical data mapping. The failure in a numerical model is often associated with selections of different parameters values and more particularly somewhat arbitrary displacement values. The onset-of-failure is very important and it need a rigorous methodology to define the numerical time of failure within the simulations. Unmanned aerial vehicle is a potential tool that has the ability to acquire data in inaccessible area. Drone flight plans are flexible and can be customized to reach any height above the ground so that observations are optimized. Unmanned aerial vehicle data collection is non-invasive, safe and inexpensive and surveying may be completed quickly.

Manpower sanctioned:

  1. Junior Research Fellow

Equipment Sanctioned

  1. AI Computational Facility - HP Workstation
  2. UAV Set Up and Accessories- DJI DJI

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