Rock Slope Engineering Lab ignites the Technological Dawn in Dhanbad through Drone Technology Workshop For Schools
December 7, 2023 

In a groundbreaking initiative, the Rock Slope Engineering Lab at the Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) successfully organized a One Day Workshop on Drone Technology, leaving an indelible mark on the academic landscape of Dhanbad. The event, held on December 7, 2023, drew the attention of enthusiasts, professionals, and students alike, making it a resounding success.

The workshop, held under the aegis of Professor Radhakanta Koner, the esteemed founder of the Rock Slope Lab, showcased the transformative potential of drone technology in the field of engineering. The Chief Guest for the occasion was none other than Professor DP Mishra, Head of the Mining Department at IIT(ISM), whose presence added a distinct academic gravity to the proceedings.

The event was not merely a convergence of minds but a platform for the exchange of ideas, insights, and the latest advancements in drone technology. Professor Radhakanta Koner, in his opening address, emphasized the critical role that drones play in modern engineering practices, especially in areas such as rock slope stability analysis and monitoring.

The workshop provided a comprehensive overview of drone technology applications, ranging from surveying and mapping to structural inspections and environmental monitoring. Practical demonstrations highlighted the precision and efficiency that drones bring to various engineering tasks. Participants were treated to live demonstrations of drones in action, navigating through simulated rock slope environments, capturing high-resolution images, and transmitting real-time data.

Professor DP Mishra, in his keynote address, expressed his enthusiasm for the integration of drone technology into mining and engineering practices. He highlighted the potential of drones to enhance safety, reduce operational costs, and provide valuable data for informed decision-making. The Chief Guest urged the academic community to embrace such technological advancements, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach between academia and industry.

The workshop attracted participants from three prominent schools in Dhanbad, fostering a spirit of curiosity and innovation among the younger generation. Students had the opportunity to interact with experts in the field, gaining valuable insights into the practical applications of drone technology.

The event's success can be attributed not only to the informative sessions but also to the dynamic interaction between attendees and speakers during the panel discussions. The exchange of ideas and experiences created a vibrant atmosphere, sparking discussions on the future trajectory of drone technology and its potential impact on the engineering landscape in Dhanbad.

In conclusion, the One Day Workshop on Drone Technology at the Rock Slope Engineering Lab, IIT(ISM), marked a significant milestone in the journey towards technological innovation and academic excellence. As Dhanbad continues to evolve as a hub of engineering and mining activities, events like these play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry. The collaboration between academia, industry, and the enthusiastic participation of students ensures that the knowledge gained from such workshops will propel the region into a technologically advanced and sustainable future.

Professor Radhakanta Koner delivered a keynote lecture on "Slope Stability, Induced Ground Vibration and Remedial Measures" at ISMAA KOLKATA CHAPTER 2023

June 17, 2023 Dhanbad: Prof Radhakanta Koner of Rock Slope Engineering Lab, Department of Mining Engineering, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad delivered a keynote lecture on "Slope Stability, Induced Ground Vibration and Remedial Measures" today at the workshop organised by ISMAA KOLKATA CHAPTER on "Earthquakes and other Ground Movements Disaster Assessment Mitigation and Management." 

The workshop was held in the Newtown Kolkata from 16 June to 17 June, 2023.In the august assembly of luminaries this workshop made an impact in the scientific community of India.

Prof Koner highlights in the lecture the data collected across the globe on 177 open pit mine slope experience earthquakes. The data on the earthquakes impacts on the mine slope are quite interesting and need more deliberation on the same. The details studies on the influence of geometry, external conditions, rock-soil properties, constitutive criteria were discussed in the lecture in the context of slope experiencing dynamic load.

Prof Koner stressed on Standard OPERATING Practice in the lecture and very much optimistic  that this study will made positive  impacts in the mining engineering community on the practice on hazards mitigations in mine dumps.